Things to Know: Prop B & D - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Oct 24, 2018

Things to Know:

Early Voting on the Downtown Propositions – Prop B & D

By Alexandra Scott

Introducing our new “Things to Know” series! Providing the greater Corpus area with all the need to knows and exciting new things downtown!

                With this year’s Midterms on the mark to be one of the most important in history, we want to make sure our downtown Propositions don’t get lost in the shuffle. The Proposed 2018 Bond Program for the City of Corpus Christi holds two Propositions that are vital to Marina Arts District and greater downtown; Propositions B & D.

                Proposition B addresses additional street improvements including pedestrian safety and lighting improvements downtown. These pedestrian safety upgrades include new signage, crosswalks, pedestrian and traffic signals along Shoreline Boulevard to help reintegrate the seawall and marina areas into the fabric of downtown. Continuing initiatives from previous bond projects to reduce traffic and improve safety and access to downtown are included as well. Prop B also prioritize light improvements, such as LED post top lights, along the north/south corridors to downtown streets.

                Proposition D offers facilities improvements to libraries and cultural sites including La Retama Library, the Museum of Science & History, the Art Museum of South Texas and Heritage Park. Heritage Park is the site of twelve historic homes, many of which are Texas Historical Landmarks. Keeping these homes renovated and beautiful helps Corpus Christi’s ethnic and diverse culture shine!

   Help us keep downtown vibrant and blooming by voting FOR Prop B & D!