Special Events - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX


Special Events Policy

Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department issues permits for street closures for any special event in the Marina Arts District however, they request approval from the DMD first. In order to provide clear direction and fair treatment for special event organizers, as well as transparency with Downtown Property owners, the following policy is proposed for the Marina Arts District, bordered by Kinney and I-37, Lower Broadway and the Marina.

DMD ResponsibilitiesSpecial Event GuidelinesExemptions
  • DMD will provide four board approved layouts plans for event organizers to choose from.
  • DMD will work with Traffic & Engineering as well as CCPD to coordinate traffic control plans and signage regarding tow-away zones.
  • DMD will coordinate Street and Sidewalk Closure Petition with Downtown Property Owners.
  • DMD will communicate with Corpus Christi Parks and Rec any concerns with post event clean-up.
  • DMD will grandfather in any existing special event and their current layout. If a special event decides to move or expand, they will need to submit event information to be sent to Downtown Property Owners for petition.

  • Special Event organizers must submit Downtown Special Event Application to DMD by the first day of the month, 90 days in advance.
  • Special Event organizers must track attendance and provide data to DMD.
  • Special Event organizers must follow the city’s noise ordinance policy.
  • Special Event organizers must follow the city’s post event-clean up policy.
  • Special Event organizers must pay two off-duty police officers at a rate of $25 per hour, per officer, for the entire duration of the event. Payment is due to DMD 14 days prior to the special event.
  • Limit noise by use of generator distribution boxes. .

  • Buc Days Parade and Dia De Los Muertos Festival.
  • Parades utilizing Shoreline Drive.
  • Downtown property owners hosting events on their own block.
  • Special Event Application

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Event Layout Options:

    Layout #1 - Chaparral St. and Lawrence St. Intersection

    Layout #2 - Chaparral St. and Peoples St. Intersection

    Layout #3 - Chaparral St. and Peoples St. Intersection

    Layout #4 - Chaparral St. and Taylor St. Intersection