Once Upon a Time in Downtown Corpus Christi… - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Dec 3, 2019

After having such a successful Peppermint Lane Kick-Off & Celebration last weekend, we decided to go back and look at the OG Peppermint Lane. As an office, we picked our favorite black and white photos and shared a little about why they mean so much to us. Enjoy!

“Because it puts me in mind of the Princes Street, Edinburgh, U.K. of my childhood where the street was bedecked with Christmas decorations and the shops and department stores (Princes Street was the #1 shopping street in town at the time) pushed the boat out for the Holidays with lights, trees, and decorations.” – Alan Albin, Finance & Operations Manager


“This photo reminds me of the entrances we made this year, which my uncle helped design. Without ever seeing this photo, he designed something so similar that I was then able to help create. It helps me remember that the holidays are truly a time that brings loved ones together, no matter how far apart they might be.” – Alexandra Scott, Communication & Events Intern 


“This photo inspired me to recreate Peppermint Lane because it shows our community utilizing Chaparral Street as a retail street, which is how it was created. I grew up on stories of my mom having special memories of getting a new dress or new shoes in the stores on Chaparral, so this is the image I had in my head. It was super special when I came across the photo, and it wasn’t just in my imagination anymore.” – Alyssa Barrera Mason, Executive Director


“This moment inspired me because it depicts a family celebrating the holiday season where our office is now located.  I enjoy seeing the community enjoy the beautiful decorations within this same space today.  The holiday spirit is still alive on the streets of downtown!” – Erica Tamez, Executive Assistant 


“I like this photo because it’s right at twilight when the natural light is fading and the city lights come to life. The illumination of the Christmas lights within the downtown adds to the nostalgia of it all.” – Jason Alaniz, Real Estate & Main Street Manager


“I love this photo because of the Christmas tree in the background.  It’s very reminiscent of the times and my hope that the future of Peppermint Lane includes a classic Christmas tree just like this one. I also love the carnival ride because it reminds me of the ones I rode as a child.” – Jordan Michael, Communication & Events Manager  


“I chose this one because the holidays are just better on the beach! Having just moved here, it’s really exciting and unique to me that Corpus Christi blends beach vibes and festive decor together so nicely. In fact, it even inspired me to turn my palm tree in my house into a mini Christmas tree! I’m looking forward to having a very beachy Christmas this year and taking part in all of the fun festivities downtown!” – Savannah Garza, Marketing Assistant


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in, attended and enjoyed Peppermint Lane. Happy Holidays!