DMD Hosts Board Retreat and Open House - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Jul 7, 2017

Board Retreat

DMD initiated the process to update their Three Year Strategic Plan on June 29th at the Holiday Inn Marina.  DMD Board members gathered for 2 hours in the morning for a board retreat where they were briefed on strategic Downtown initiatives and projects. At the retreat DMD Board members:

  • Reviewed progress made on the 2015-2017 Three Year Strategic Plan.
  • Conducted an assessment of the organization and the state of Downtown.
  • Confirmed the organization’s mission and began crafting a vision and identifying the core services to be provided and priorities to be achieved.
  • Proposed new initiatives to pursue and the “Wows” to be accomplished in the next three years.

Open House

DMD strongly felt that for the plan to be successful that stakeholder input and buy-

in was needed. So, the public was invited to come to an open house from 5-7 p.m. on the 29th to view the work from the board retreat.  More than 120 enthused people attended.  They enjoyed snacks and beverages  and made suggestions, voted on priorities and proposed new ideas and initiatives.  It was an incredible turn-out and great ideas and optimism was generated about Downtown’s future.

Next Steps

DMD staff will take the work from the board retreat and the input garnered from the open house and create the next Three Year Strategic Plan by the end of August.  It will then be approved by he DMD Board and City Council.  Execution of the plan will then begin October 1, 2017.  Stay tuned for updates!