Business Profile: Roy Boy Tiki Hut - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Oct 8, 2019

By: Alexandra Scott

Roy Boy Tiki Hut is not only one of ArtWalk’s best success stories, but it is also a story of how following your dreams and working hard can culminate in the physical manifestation of one’s dreams.

It’s hard to believe that Roy Maza went, in just 6 months, from going to pop-up markets and ArtWalk to having his own incredible store in the heart of Downtown Corpus Christi.

Roy Boy Tiki Hut is located on Peoples Street across from Furman Plaza. It would be easy to say, “it’s a blink and you miss it kind of place” but it’s actually hard to miss. That is thanks to Roy’s love of bright colors and surfside aesthetics. His vibrantly colored t-shirts, tank tops, hats, sunglasses, boardshorts (along with everything else you’d expect to find in a surf shop) draw the customer’s eye in. 

If you’re familiar with the area, you might recognize the space as the former residence of the Overtime Skate Shop, which created an easy transition into Roy’s vision.

The 40-year-old, born in Corpus Christi but raised in Oregon, has always enjoyed a love of the outdoors and more specifically, the water. However, he only started surfing 9 years ago. It was this newfound love, coupled with almost 2 decades in the retail industry, that ignited his passion for a Christian-inspired, surf-based clothing brand.

The laid back, self-described “down to earth” beach lover says and likes to tie his spirituality and faith into his products because it is something he keeps in mind while he’s on the water and he hopes this will resonate with others. That they will see how his faith and passion led to pursuing his dreams and it may inspire someone else to do the same.

 While all of the designs are his own, the boards currently on sale in the shop are from local shaper Caleb Bass. In the future, Maza hopes to start shaping boards on his own and even have a wider selection for sale.

“It’s important,” says Roy, “to have everything in the shop come from locals.” Everything from the t-shirts, caps, sunrise and sunset photos to the surfboards come from local artists and artisans. In fact, during October ArtWalk, the space was home to a pop-up display by local artist Artsy Wire.

It is not only the art and culture that drew Maza to downtown, but it is also the surf culture that he is able to connect to. It will surprise no one that his favorite place to frequent, besides his own shop, is the Executive Surf Club.

“Anything surf related, I want to be there,” jokes Roy when asked about his favorite places in downtown.

Whether you’re one of the many tourists, locals or ArtWalk goers that have stopped by Roy Boy Tiki Hut during your time in downtown, you know it provides a much-needed wave of salty air that Corpus Christi is known for.

So next time you’re surfing at sunrise, catching pint night at Surf Club or skating down the seawall, do it while sporting one of Downtown Corpus Christi’s newest and brightest brands!