Business Profile: Peace of Mind - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Jul 9, 2019

By: Alexandra Scott

Nestled at the corner of Peoples St. and North Lower Broadway is Downtown Corpus Christi’s own oasis of healing and serenity. Peace of Mind Massage Therapy and Natural Healing has been around for a little over nine years and is quite literally a hidden gem in downtown. It’s the kind of place you are either not looking for and stumble upon or are trying very hard to find.

Opened on July 4th, 2010 as simply “Peace of Mind”, this space was originally created by four women coming out of abusive relationships. They came together in a time of turmoil and realized their shared need to take back control of their lives and create a space where anyone could come to relax, refresh and feel at home. Now, it’s owned exclusively by Jynelle Ornelas.

“They come back from time to time,” Jynelle says with a smile when talking about her former partners. They were each able to contribute what was needed in the beginning and eventually moved on when they became financially stable.

As the name suggests, Peace of Mind is a holistic spa that specializes in all organic ways of dealing with the problems of each specific client. They tailor everything from the treatments to the essential oils to make sure each person gets what will be most beneficial.

In the beginning, it was strictly a place for massage therapy and body healing. After buying out her partners, Jynelle felt a pull to incorporate more treatments and continue her education as to better serve her community. In fact, she spent the majority of the last decade perfecting the “natural healing” aspect of the business. The name “Peace of Mind” came from a focus on bodywork and help release the trauma we often hold in our muscles. It was this intention to help clients work through their “muscle memory and release negativity” that led to their incredibly loyal customers over the years.

 It wasn’t until this January that she opened the salon.

It took “several years to develop the whole organic concept for the spa,” mentions Jynelle when asked how it all came about. She would hear from many of her massage clients that they “did everything natural or organic except their hair”. It was this, paired with her own struggles with chemical-heavy hair products, that ultimately led her back to cosmetology school. Although, she already had her products picked out before she decided to go back for continued training.

The salon uses Organic Colour Systems from the United Kingdom for everything from shampoos to hair color, which was the exact reason she chose them. Ornelas researched for years and eventually came across one of the only brands that use entirely natural products in not only their hair care but their colors as well.

“Our bleach smells like roses. The fashion colors smell like different fruits and the permanent colors consist of different aromatherapy oils,” comments Jynelle. Oh yeah, smells are a big deal at Peace of Mind.

Since she and her employees have their hands in everything, it was important not to end up smelling like chemicals at the end of the or have this perfectly relaxing space they created to be flooded with the kinds of odors you’d find in a hospital.

Everything about this spot of calm in the bustle of downtown is made to help you relax and feel your best. You won’t find noisy blow dryers and the sounds of endless gossip here. Instead, you’ll find the chicly quiet Dyson blow dryers and the calming tunes you probably fall asleep to at night.

This Green Circle Salon, meaning they recycle basically anything and everything they can, is designed to “take their clients concerns into their hands,” according to Jynelle. She and her two lovely employees do the best to maintain a “more personal, open, quiet level so that you can relax” when you’re finding it hard to.

Jynelle says, “Even though people keep asking me to move to the southside, my heart is stuck in downtown.” And we are lucky to have her.

Whether you’re a long time customer, someone looking to pick up some of their homemade scrubs or oil blends, or someone who is looking to escape some of the stress of the world, you can count on the team at Peace of Mind to do the most to treat whatever you need.


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