Artist Spotlight: Amanda Shepherd - Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi, TX

Nov 18, 2015

The Marina Arts District recently completed six electrical box murals along the newly renovated blocks of Chaparral Street. Amanda Shepherd, a local artist, was one of the six artists chosen. Her mural entitled, “Los Fantasticos 4!” is inspired by Luchador cats and located on the corner of Chaparral and Schatzell Street. Each cat illustrated is inspired from real cats in Amanda’s life, all of which have hilarious personalities.

Amanda with Cats

Her passion for the Marina Arts District is an inspiration for anyone who talks with her. She is the graphic designer for K Space Contemporary, with a studio space upstairs for her personal work. She’s excited about the potential of art downtown, and hopes that many more murals come to life in the years to come.

Amanda is originally from Seattle but has also lived in Arizona previous to Corpus Christi. When asked what is different about Corpus Christi she responded with, “Corpus has these really amazing things. The sense of community is greater by far. There are more opportunities in the arts, as well as a more supportive arts community in general. K Space and the Art Center provide incredible opportunities for artist to show.” She goes on to say, “There is a community here that actively and continuously looks at art, as well as invests in the work. That is not something commonly found.”

Sierra and Amanda


Name: Amanda Shepherd

Live: Corpus Christi

Full Time Work: HEB and K Space Contemporary Gallery

Art Medium: Acrylic and oil paint.

Favorite Art Subject:  Currently working on Curandero de Falfurrias

Mentor/Inspiration: Alexander Calder, David Hockney, Howard Finster (Folk),

Jimmy Sudduth (Folk), Paul Klee

Current Project:  Studio C Show: Located at the Art Center: November – December

Books you’ve illustrated:

  1. Rules of the Wild by Bridget Levin
  2. Who Loves Me by Patricia MacLachlan
  3. Such a Silly Baby by Stephanie & Stephan Lorig
  4. Mouse House Tales by Susan Pearson
  5. Fiona Loves the Night by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest

Hates:  Mean people and rain. Yeah, I so don’t like rain. Lol.

Likes:  Cats well and dogs too of course & No. 2 pencil. (Love American history)

Favorite Song to sing along with: California Dreamin’ by the Mommas the Poppas because my cat enjoys it. Lol.

Favorite District Hangout:   Sat afternoon combo:   Surfclub / K Space Studios

& Friday ArtWalk at the KSpace Contemporary what’s better than that?

Favorite Food Downtown: Surfclub Fish and Chips

Favorite Drink Downtown:  Uh Oh, Railroad seafood station Wicked IPA

Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Downtown Dream: I dream of the impossible – affordable living next door to my studio. But, seriously, I wish Corpus to be recognized as the artful city that it is, but somehow remain affordable for artists.  No city has done that. We have such great visionaries with Dia de Los Muertos, Fiesta de la Flor and ArtWalk! and such a great culture.  Keep Corpus Colorful. Xxoo!

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